Protection for your familyIn the event of your death you need to consider the financial security of your Family.
There are many life assurance products to choose from and John Walsh can provide invaluable advice on which product best suits you.It is important to discuss specific requirements with a Professional Advisor to ensure that the cover put in place is the most suitable and cost-effective to your individual needs.

We will explain why we are recommending a particular company and how their specific product is best suited to your needs


All the major Life Assurance companies provide some level of cover for your children as part of your Protection policy
.€4,000.00 -€7,000.00 Life Cover depending on the company.

With some the cover finishes at age 18 other at age 21 and some till age 25.

If you have Specifies/Critical Illness cover then all your children will be covered for a percentage of your sum assured the amount will vary according to the company.

J M Walsh can arrange to place your business with the company that’s most suitable taking you children’s ages in to consideration

Nobody Knows What The Future Will Bring

Make sure that your love ones are protected

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